Articles for the THG

Since retiring in 2010 I’ve been writing articles for the Telecommunications Heritage Group (THG). Telecommunications is a throwback to my earlier career (before technical writing) when I worked for what became BT. Since leaving BT in the early 1990s I have worked for other firms in the same field.

Here is a list of the articles.

  • Both parts of an article describing the Coded Call Indicator, that processed London telephone users calls in the days when the system was a mix of new automatic and older manual exchanges, CCI-V11-BothParts
  • This type of cable was an early development of cable used for broadcasting television, BalancedPairCable_V01
  • 2016 was the 80th anniversary of two telecommunications innovations, the K6 Telephone Kiosk and the speaking clock, TIM_WhatVulgarName-v02 
  •  A description of one of the early jobs I had in the GPO/Post Office Telephones, THG_Autum1914_WorkOfPTO
  • The history of a gas explosion that nearly brought down a large chunk of London and the South East’s long distance phone service, NarrowEscapeForFaraday-PartsOneAndTwo
  • How the takeover of AEI by GEC got very nasty and the lessons learned for future takeover conduct.
  • A general interest article published about the opening of a new automatic exchange in the lake district town of Kendal.